Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter fun and scrappy goodness

Wow isn't this year just flying by?! I cannot believe Easter has just been... it feels like only last month was Christmas.

Last week I had the great idea to repaint Rachelle's bedroom. I figured I had a few days of school left and would have plenty of time to get it done before the kids started holidays. Pffft... yeah right! Her room is still half done... the walls and ceiling have been painted. But the trim, skirting and cupboards are still sitting there half done making me feel awfully guilty. I guess I should get back into the painting this week and get it finished. Tomorrow... yeah, that can be a tomorrow job.

We had a quiet easter here. The Easter Bunny came and hid some eggs for the girls. They had a great time finding the not-so-sneakily hid eggs on Sunday Morning. Easter Bunny must have been really tired when he hid them ;) We took the kids for a drive after that with my niece Ebony. A nice day out on the river sounded great so we drove and we drove... and we drove a bit more til we got to the Dunham Bridge about 90kms away. It was worth it though... nice shallow water and lots of fun for the kids. I took a stack of photos but will only pop a few on here. Ashlea found an old-lady walking stick that she just would not let go of. When her daddy asked her what she had it for she just looked at him and matter of factly said "So I keep my balance and don't fall over". Come on Dad... surely you knew that! PML
And of course Rachelle and Ebony had to have their old-lady walking sticks too lol. These two had a great time exploring the riverbeds while I was constantly looking around for any signs of crocodiles hehe. I snapped this pic of them as we were getting ready to leave. Don't you just love the essential footwear - gladiator sandals!!! LOL Oh and I didn't spot any crocs either ;)
So yesterday I had a slack day around the house. I decided to get stuck into another of the kits from Scrapbooking From Scratch and got three layouts done. Fantastic for me since my scrapping has drastically slowed down!!! Hoping to use the rest of the kit maybe later today.

This layout is forthe monthly sketch over at Scrapbooking From Scratch using the 'Scribble Scrabble Nana's Trunk' Kit. I'm not exactly sure who the photo is of... I think it was one of my Nana's old photos. Looking at it I kind of wonder if maybe it's the Queen? Is that silly? lol I'm hoping my mum might know and solve the mystery for me.
The papers in the kit made me think of my Nana who passed in November. This layout was so very difficult for me. The photo is the last photo of Nana and was taken in October when we popped in to see her on our way back up here. Oh how I wish I had known it would be the last time I saw her. I could have stayed longer. I would have hugged her longer and told her more that I loved her.

here is the second layout I made from the kit.... my favourite at the moment.

Well that's it for now. I guess I had better go and find something to entertain these girls. I don't know why kids look forward to the school holidays so much when they are soooo bored in the first few days!

Take care
Luv Kirsti xoxo

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