Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some scrappin to share

Man it feels so good to finally be set up again to scrap. I have all my stash unpacked and put where I want it and most importantly I have my much loved scrap desk back. The whole time we were in Perth I had no designated scrap spot and found it so very hard to get my mojo on. How on earth do you scrappers out there with no designated space for yourself manage?

It has been so hot here... temps up to 44 degrees every day and my airconditioning is really starting to struggle. Even my poor little laptop is getting hot under the collar and randomly shutting down. Yeah, I know, it's summer and I choose to live in one of the hottest parts of Australia so I shouldn't complain. LOL Thank god for our little pool! It saved my sanity yesterday when I took the girls for a little cool off... and it had the added bonus of being a great photo opportunity ;)

Here are a couple of my favourite photos I snapped...

I really have no idea how I jagged this one... it is so much nicer than my usual point-click photos so I am feeling very pleased with myself LOL

Anyhow... I have a couple of layouts from the last few days to share with you. The first was a colour challenge for Challenge Heaven, a new site I have just signed up with for some inspiration. There are quite a few familiar faces in there and I'm looking forward to finding some time to check out the gallery and have a chat with the girls. Ok, back to the layout.... colour challenge was to use chocolate brown and teal with one other colour of your choice. So I chose cream cos it just lightens it so nicely.
And then we have a 'just cos' layout. God, I can hardly remember the last time I did a 'just cos' layout! I've had this Glitz peacock paper for sooooo long and finally found the perfect photo to match it. Feeling rather pleased with myself here :D
Well that's all for today folks. I'll be back soon with some more shares.

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