Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Little Distracted

 Yep, I've been a little distracted the last few weeks with so much going on at home. I haven't got any new scrapping done in about 2 weeks and forgot about my little blog again! :( In family news, my big girl Rachelle turned 9 on the 29th August. She had a wonderful day with just close family kicking a soccer ball around at the park. Very relaxing for me and she had a fantastic time! Unfortunately a few 'family' members decided to ignore her birthday but Rachelle being the beautiful  girl she is just took it in her stride and went on to have a gorgeous day. It hurt me more but hey, I'm an adult and I can deal with it. In the long run it will be those family members that hurt most. Anyway...here are some pics of my big girl on her special day :)

Somebody forgot to tell her that you are meant to kick the soccer ball LOL Here she is with my Daddy...
And of course blowing out the candles with a little help from her cousin Ebony...
As a special treat my Mum treated the girls to a pampering. Rachelle had her first ever visit to the hairdresser with a wash, head massage, trim, blow dry, straightening and a bit of glitter spray to top it off. She felt and looked like a princess. Ashlea was adamant she didn't want her hair washed so she just got the fringe trim and we convinced her to try curls for a day with some glitter spray. Don't they look so grown up!?! Thanks Mum xxx

In other big news... we've reached the halfway mark with Bub. Had the 'big ultrasound' a week and a half ago. Looks like it's a boy so we're all pretty excited :D (Secretly,I'm a little terrified as well - I don't know the first thing about baby boys! LOL) We've picked our hospital so now it is just time to relax and enjoy my last pregnancy. I feel sad saying it is my last but I have to be sensible about it. This will be my 3rd caesar and the Dr's have warned me against more. I've also got a common condition where my pelvis is basically shifting and pivoting on itself all the time causing a lot of grinding and clunking. There are about 5 joints in the pelvis and every one is affected so that is causing a lot of pain in my pelvis and lower back that is making things very uncomfortable. I didn't get the pains until the final month of Ashlea's pregnancy, but this time it has started at about the 3 month mark. So I'm taking it easy and not overdoing it... just a day of housework will make me barely able to move by the late afternoon. Great excuse to be lazy hehehe

I do have something scrappy to share with you :) First up is a great little money box I made for The Stamp Spot. This was so easy... I just reused the packaging from some Prima Flowers I had ages ago and decorated with DeLovely Papers by Cosmo Cricket

Other: Prima Packaging, KaiserCraft Mini Alphas, KasierCraft Rhinestones, Prima Flowers

I also have one more layout from the DOTM Kit the lovely Peta sent me from Scrapbooking From Scratch. The kit sold out so quickly I was amazed! Make sure you check out the store often as Peta is always making up new stunning kits with limited numbers so you need to be quick to get them. I've never really scrapped Rachelle's ultrasound piccies so I figured after 9 years it's about time I did LOL Here she is at about 18 weeks... so tiny!

 Paper: Sassafras Lass Indie Girl
Other: Sassafras Lass cardstock stickers, Sassafras Lass glitter alphabet stickers, twine, dimensional magic

Well, I think that should about do it for today :) Hope you are all safe and well, take care.

Luv Kirsti xoxo

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amanda73 said...

wow, glad i had a cuppa while reading this.... long but very intersting post.... ok first things first....happy birthday rachelle(she is gorgeous, just a stunning little girl).... its sad that some family members ditched her day, .....i love those creations you did esp that layout just stunning

congrats on a BOY yay, i cant wait to see him, and some BOY layouts from you....... dont worry you will be fine(but thats coming from a mum who has had 6 boys and no girls) so boys are all i know lol

and that is sensible about not having any more....i was lucky enough to be able to have 6 caesareans but i certainly wouldnt advise it...it was getting way too risky, and some of my last bubs had to come premmie because of my caesar scar getting too thin and ready to burst

good luck with the rest of the pregnancy